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2:Simple Road Map for New Employer

Hi, again, internet!

Now, we terminated a tiring, thrilling week and started a new one. The output is very immediate to making hay while the sun shines. In the previous text, we mentioned that we completed our seed funding. Here is the second one: what is next?

After putting a terrible amount of effort to the start-up of the project, it should be natural to expect some resting time. On the other hand, we have to move to the “work harder” stage right after we completed the “work hard to play hard” stage. The aim is to make the application sung as a bug in a rug while you are traveling by us -I cannot deny that we have very fainted hearts-; further, we have to expand the team along the business and address to bring in the third parties between users and us.

Occupation of the week is mainly about these third parties. In other words, we struggle to pick the best candidate for each vacant position, especially in software engineering; therefore, we meet with dozens of candidates non-stop. You know it is not the best way to recognize people even if the aim is not to acknowledge the other party in all aspects yet; it is more like the first date. However, finding the best butterflies in your stomach always takes time.

Within the time and experience of job interviews: it will be amusing and practical to categorize the people applying for us into four: temperamental ones, pragmatics, change lovers, and newcomers. The temperamental ones get excited by the news quickly, taste the environment, and seem enthusiastic to do something beneficial for the new business. Still, in reality, it is a long way to sink your teeth into the new role. The candidate must be confident about meeting the requirements and his/her eligibility for the company beforehand; this distinct category of people tends to believe they are suitable for each vacant position they hyped. Love is blind but not that much; our stomaches’ first types of butterflies are sadly dead.

Secondly, pragmatics are the most considerable portion of the appliances: people who always ask for better and better. We do not want to confuse you; this “better” does not mean a better atmosphere, circumstances, or teammates. Better is standing for something more countable or seen in bank accounts. You cannot make them curious about entrepreneurial ideas until the promising enterprise makes enormous profits. When the best interest of the pragmatics does not fit with ours, which is very likely, each phase should be processed consciously. In the light of the fact that the “winner” could not take it all because pragmatics probably take the prize, reversely, in failure; we will be left holding the bag. All that jazz, the second types of butterflies are also dead. Nevertheless, we wish luck to them and also their new prey. Unfortunately, the third type could not be clarified by Heraclitus and his rivers. Change-lovers apply to the position, meet with us, and schedule the business, but they dissolve in the thin air while we decide to execute the plan. In this position, it is not expected to carry a torch for them, and we say goodbye to this third types of butterflies.

Both you and we are standing still for the last type: newcomers. We are already eight, and when we encounter someone like us, we will be 9,10,11,12, and more.

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