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5:Love at first preparation

Hi folks, at the same time and same place, we are here again. You know, we are getting used to each other; it is part of intimate or corporal touch, in our opinion. The previous week we mentioned our self-development journey while establishing a business. By saying so, since we are an officially launched company, our financial and non-financial assets are being kept up regularly starting from the previous week. This is the sense that this week was more touching; we have had a crush on financials for a very long period. We prepared our balance sheet, proforma statements, and financial spreadsheets for the first time. We can not deny that preparing financials bewitched us, body and soul. You must allow us to tell you how ardently we admire and love to work in this position.

All types of love, especially ours, must be nourished by other channels. These nutrition channels might differ according to the kind of business, but consistency remains invariant. Until this text, we have not mentioned about our social media coverage. We hate the speeches like 12 ways to take 10 steps, prioritize priorities and strategize the strategies, or how to manage social media by using ancient Himalayan techniques.

Indeed, we know the topic, our audiences, their expectations, and our anticipations; therefore, we put in order to a posting schedule, and before posting, we debate the consistency. At this point, insights become inevitably important. How to get insights should be responded to by realistic and proven techniques.

Moreover, insights must be comprised of social media data, especially in our case. The data-driven approach made us end up establishing a partnership with Tanzania, which is the far end of the world. We seem to hear the words like how you manage this long-distance relationship; if distance were measured in terms of the heart, we’d never be more than a minute apart.

On the other hand, if you have had an entrepreneurial idea and related savings since you were an embryo, or you are not the founder and the CEO of Google, or you have had the power to send Elon Musk alone into space, you must accept that you are going to spare lots of money that you can not even imagine at the first place. The basic and the first thing that spring to mind is government incentives. By saying this, we think nothing of Liberian notions. As a fresh start-up, we propose this issue to an agenda; however, time is limited, and the path is challenging. This week is ending here; next week, we will have a different story, and even now, we can’t stand to share it with you and wish never to be parted from you from this day forth.

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