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Here the Story Begins

Here the story begins; two passionate and talented men-Mert and Umut- shared a common idea to create a brand new app: the Tourist. After working on from the general structure to the minor details meticulously, they brought their innovative idea into life by structuring the basics of the application, advertising the upcoming new brand, creating the software through the most appropriate software language, and organizing a team to continue the development process.

It is safe to state that in the previous sentence, people frequently assume that successful businesses follow a linear path. Still, in reality, it is quite a heavy experimenting process along the route, especially with their products, to diversify their offerings and provide more qualitative services to a wide range of customer potential. After the cycle of the creation process is done, it is launched as it’s best.

Basically, what is the function of the Tourist application? We may easily say that you don’t have to do as the Romans do in Rome. You may gormandize the terrifying fast foods in the chicest restaurant in France or add boiling water to espresso while in Milan without hesitation. In other words, it is a virtual travel application that provides customers profound opportunities for travel and comprises more than 70 cities. In boomer business parlance, our vision is to lead the transformation of the tourism business with metaverse and crypto chain technologies, and our mission is to create a crypto-token integrated tourism app where people can earn tokens during their travel. By doing so, being much more striking was inevitable, especially in funding.

On the 10th of August Wednesday, we celebrated that the Tourist app achieved its funding tour and got 101,2% of its objective with the help of investors- thanks to the fantastic effort. It was early closing because our aim was achieved before the scheduled time, and everything became crystal clear, like the map of the road, the inclusion of investors, the application’s software development, and more and more.

Let’s make the funding process more apprehensible.

Back then, our funding process was challenging, there were lots and lots of funding channels, and most of them were appropriate for different startups, but which one was proper for us was a demanding decision to make. By preferring the best funding channel, objectively analyzing ourselves and the environment is paramount. Since you can not make an omelet without breaking some eggs, we tried different intermediaries and didn’t like them much, though at least we found our beloved Besides, we are dropping some tips for fresh starters that we applied while we are looking for a funding channel:

  • Know the competitors as much as your own app.

  • Be enthusiastic about learning continuously about your characteristic market.

  • Pick the appropriate income model.

  • Gather the promising team.

However, no pain, no gain. Is the funding channel enough to announce the freshly started business? Absolutely no. Regarding luck, creating your own is the best way; thus, our founders bought the ticket and took the ride already. While presenting the Tourist application at the Entrepreneurship Day at München Technical University, fortune favors the bold; two angel investors were attracted by the idea and at the crowdfunding process they were getting involved in and became one of the most prominent investors. Since the chance comes with a hardworking, this was very encouraging for all of us; every entrepreneur enjoys seeing growth. It’s an indication of achievement and confirmation that things are going well within a business.

On the other hand, crowdfunding is hard to keep the balance between the form of ideas and customer-driven developments. It can be easily said that there will always be a conflict between a startup’s desire to reinforce its commitment to any one idea and its need to preserve optionality and continue exploring new pathways because it is impossible to predict which bet will succeed. The solution to the complexity of conducting transparent and accountable crowdfunding is using social media deserving. It is vital to shape the development strategy within the people’s relevant and also irrelevant ideas because Gen-Z brought a transformative approach to business which we accepted in the first place. Deducting that in social media, we are continuously in contact with our investors and customers one-to-one, and we add the investor-driven&customer-driven approach to our business development and strategy is easy then.

Eventually, the most tedious part is always the part with numbers, but we have to declare it to you; we ended up with 899 investors with a fund of 2.023.565 ₺. Also, we may proudly say that we squeeze the world into the bright screens of more than 10.000 users from 110 different countries. On the horizon, it is seen that it is going to be doubled, tripled, and getting bigger and bigger soon.

But hey, we are delighted to have you, share with you, and be a fellow of you.

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