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The Unbearable Lightness of Being an Entrepreneur Under 30

Hey! We are back in town again with upcoming news. We are doing well; thanks for asking, and we always wish that you are better than us. Last week we talked about the recruitment process, which rocks a lot now.

This week we messed with something more complex and authoritarian. Ladies and gentlemen, being officially recognized by the government is this week’s story; in other words, formally setting up a company. Doing so will enable us to operate functionally to serve better because it is not Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, and we don’t have Oompa Loompas-I desperately wish we had-. We mentioned in the first text that we took part in seed funding and accomplished the desired charge with 899 investors; therefore, we went to the bank with pride and prosperity of achievement. However, it can smoothly be assumed that Willy Wonka got short shrift like us when he went to the bank to open an account. The reason is obviously different than ours; Willy Wonka had a schizotypal personality disorder; we are just under the age of “yes, you can be a businessman.”. All that instant, unlike the constitution, the instinctual and unwritten banking rules state that if the customer seems too young to establish a company, 2 options become the main topic of the conversation. First, young entrepreneurs might be crafty -which looks exceptionally paranoid-; second, they may develop a Pyramid Scheme. Since we are significantly beyond these cliches and it is not a Hollywood movie, the company is set up officially and notarized after we convince people it is legal and customary.

On the other hand, in the procedure of formally setting up a corporation, you ought to possess some assets such as a business plan, income model, initial capital, and an Indian Guru who continuously infuse into you to be patient. . We know that Roma isn’t built in a day, but at some point, we thought we would have a company once in a blue moon. While our healthy and beautiful third eye was coming into existence due to conducting massive procedures, every cloud has a silver lining, especially in nirvana.

Here is the news on cloud nine. We expanded the team by adding to our team a software guy. Holding your own Pete Becker is cool. Likewise, it is not LinkedIn, but we are pleased to declare that we are very close to finalizing our design process without jeopardizing our designer’s eyes-I call it a victory. Therefore, business takes shape at a snail’s pace. Next week at the same time, we will be here again with a different anecdote. Keep yourself warm and cozy till the next time, plz! We are available on: Instagram: Twitter:

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